Small Groups

Class Meeting

Monday Afternoon: 3:00 PM in the Church Nursery

Monday Evening: 5:30 PM at Beth M's Home

John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church, created Small Groups or Class Meetings. In these groups, members make a commitment to meet together weekly, pray for each other and explore the disciplines of Christian Spirituality. From the moment we become a believer in Jesus Christ, we strive to grow spiritually and develop a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Each group meeting has a time of prayer, discipline study, Bible study and sharing. Questions asked of members during each meeting. The foremost is, "How is it with your soul?" or "How does your soul prosper?" This question gives members a chance to evaluate their walk, prayer life, Bible reading and study. If someone is struggling, then "What is hindering you?" may be asked. The group adds the struggles to their prayers. If someone has had a heart warming experience, an answer to prayer, a new understanding, then the group rejoices in that moment.

It is the hope of the Colfax United Methodist Church that Small Groups will help accomplish the mission of the UMC: "Making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world."

Small Groups

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