George, Certified Lay Minister

George, Certified Lay Minister

George taught 6th grade most of his life. He and his wife, Ruth, were US-2, two-year home missionaries, for the United Methodist Church, serving at the McCurdy Missions in New Mexico. Returning to California, George was the Chancel Choir director at the Madera UMC for over thirty-five years. He taught an adult Sunday School class for 25 years and became a Lay Speaker and then an Advanced Lay Speaker. In 2011, George and Ruth moved to Colfax and joined the ColfaxUMC. "It was the best decision of our lives."

In his spare time, George enjoys playing the piano and working on projects at home.

In 2016 George trained as a Certified Lay Pastor (CLayM) and has been assigned to the Gold Country Community Parish and the Colfax UMC.

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59 Church Street, Colfax, CA 95713- On the corner of Church and Culver

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