Imagine No Malaria

Imagine No Malaria

"Today there's a 3-year-old who's going to be bitten by a tiny bug, and, in 48 hours, she is going to die. She's the reason I do what I do. To make the world a healthy place for every child has everything to do with what Mr. Wesley intended us to do."

--Bishop Thomas Bickerton, chairperson of the executive committee for Imagine No Malaria.

In 2014, the ColfaxUMC congregation sent $1422 to the Imagine No Malaria. This saved more than 550 lives. This year, we prayed for 38 days for God to lead each of us to imagine how many lives we could save. We were encouraged to give way more than we imagined and then, laugh. In July, 2015, we sent $1631 to stop this terrible killer. Imagine how many lives will be saved. We are Imagining No More Malaria!

And because of One Great Hour of Sharing, 100% of gifts to go directly to Imagine No Malaria. There is no overhead or operating cost. It is all paid forward with gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing.

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